PC Tools Privacy Guardian Review

Pc Tools Privacy GuardianREVIEW SUMMARY: PC Tools Privacy Guardian is a helpful little tool designed to make sure that the sensitive and private information you type into your computer stays as secure as possible. More specifically, PC Tools Privacy Guardian is a tool designed to completely and permanently erase files containing private information that are commonly created by Web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Instead of sticking around on your hard drive for anyone to find, the files are permanently erased via the PC Tools software.


One of the best features of PC Tools Privacy Guardian is its ability to work with any Web browser you prefer. The most recent version of the software works with all major Web browsers including Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and more. Other programs don’t necessarily support all popular browsers, meaning that you would have to start using a new browser if the computer privacy software you purchased didn’t natively support the one you were already working with.


The only real future of any substantive value that PC Tools Privacy Guardian lacks is the ability to mask your computer’s IP address as you browse the Web. An IP address is a unique number used to identify your computer. Web masters can use that number to tell your computer apart from any other computer on a particular network. Other computer privacy programs have the ability to mask IP addresses.

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For a program that performs advanced functions, the developers behind PC Tools Privacy Guardian have made it incredibly easy to use. Even new computer users and users with limited experience will be able to find their way through the program’s controls and remove sensitive information from their hard drives.

If users do need any additional assistance for PC Tools Privacy Guardian beyond the “Help” files that come with the program, customer service and support can be contacted by telephone or e-mail. Additionally, users can engage in a “Live Chat” session with a technical support official to get the detailed help they need for whatever problem has reared its ugly head.

Product updates are available directly through the software developer on a regular basis. Updates can be downloaded manually and typically add additional functionality that expands the program’s support for various Internet and media programs. Only by downloading and installing the regular updates can you really be sure that PC Tools Privacy Guardian is capable of removing every last compromising file from your hard drive.

The secure deletion capabilities are definitely one of the best features included with PC Tools Privacy Guardian. Deleting files that contain private information is great, but it would ultimately be a waste of time if those files were in a state that rendered them recoverable. PC Tools Privacy Guardian will make sure that even computer professionals won’t be able to use software to recover your deleted files.

Another great inclusion in PC Tools Privacy Guardian is the ability to keep certain cookies while you delete everything else. Cookies can be legitimately helpful from time to time. For example, a cookie might save you from manually logging into your favorite website by remembering your username and password. Users can tell PC Tools Privacy Guardian to ignore a particular cookie if they so choose.

PC Tools Privacy Guardian also allows you to schedule scans and cleanup sessions around your own personal preferences. Instead of manually running the program, you can specify a frequency and have the program run automatically.

PC Tools Privacy Guardian also includes a variety of different e-mail cleaning options to help make sure that your mail account is just as secured as the rest of your computer. The program works with e-mail applications like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail and more.


PC Tools Privacy Guardian is exceptionally good at working with a wide variety of different programs to remove all of the sensitive information from your hard drive. Programs like media players, Web browsers, Instant messaging utilities, chat utilities and more all keep tabs on your activity as you browse the World Wide Web. Some programs may keep a log of every file you’ve ever downloaded, for example. Others might keep a record of every conversation you’ve ever had using an instant messaging service. You might not even know these types of private files are even on your hard drive in the first place, and unless you’re a computer expert you likely wouldn’t be able to find them if you tried.

PC Tools Privacy Guardian locates these types of files on your hard drive and permanently removes them. Additionally, the program includes a few worthwhile features that help keep your general Internet use as private as possible. For example, PC Tools Privacy Guardian includes a tool that can be used to hide the “Recently Opened Files” record that is maintained by your operating system.


The only real feature that is present in competing programs that PC Tools Privacy Guardian lacks is the ability to mask your IP address while you browse the Internet. Even if you remove your download history from your computer, for example, the person you downloaded a particular file from would still have a record of the file transfer thanks to your IP address. Your Internet service provider would likely have the same information. By blocking your IP address your online activity would have been much safer and more private.


Advanced computer users will love the various levels of security and detailed protection that PC Tools Privacy Guardian has to offer. Home computer users will love the same thing, but additionally will be very thankful that the program is so easy to use. With a wide range of support for popular Web browsers, media players and other types of computer programs, PC Tools Privacy Guardian is a thorough and recommended way to clean up your computer’s hard drive.

Users are going to want to make good use of the included “clean scheduler” tool to set up PC Tools Privacy Guardian to run automatically at a later date. Additionally, be sure to exclude certain files from scan results to prevent the software from deleting legitimately important files or ones that you would just rather be left alone.